Village of Addison 2017 Community Survey
The Village has begun updating the 2009 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan committee needs your input to guide development and grant applications in this community for the next 10 years.
Please complete this survey and return it to the Village Hall at 35 Tuscarora St. Addison, NY
by December 2017.
Questions? Call Village Hall
(607) 359-2100
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Questions about the community
What do you like most about the Village?
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What do you like least about the Village?
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What would you most like to see improved?
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What should stay the same?
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Do you see yourself living in Addison in the next 10 years?
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What is the most important improvement for the Village in the next few years?
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The Village Economy
What businesses could thrive in the Village?
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What could business owners do to attract/retain customers?
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Safety in the Village
Are you happy with property maintenance in the Village?
What aspects of property maintenance could be improved?
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Are any intersections unsafe for people?
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Final questions
How do you imagine the future of the Village?
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Rank the importance of the following services:
1- most important to 10-least important
Code Enforcement
Public Safety (Police/Fire/EMT)
Animal Control
Downtown Deveolpment
Select all that apply. Are you:
Thanks for your response. Your input will help to improve the Village.
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