Jaime Escalante Geometry Program for Incoming 9th grader
For the summer 2020 school year, Bravo Medical Magnet will be holding virtual Jaime Escalante Program for Geometry only. This program allows a student to take Geometry during the summer to be placed into Algebra 2 for the Fall school year. This program is only for students to be able to jump ahead. If there is a high demand of applicants who meet the requirements we will be randomly selecting the students who can participate. These are the following guidelines in order to apply to the program
1) Must have passed Algebra 1A with a B or better.
2) Must have outstanding attendance such as few absences and tardies from the school year.
3) Must be currently keeping up with the assignments on virtual classroom.
4) Must have a B or better by the 10-week report card in Algebra 1B.
5) Must be able to have access to technology during the summer.
6) Must be able to attend the virtual geometry class from June 24th,2020- July 30th, 2020. (you cannot miss more than 3 days). Set hours aside for curriculum and for at home assignments.
7) Must have had E's in Cooperation and Work Habits from first semester of Algebra 1A and currently in Algebra 1B for the 15-week marks.
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