As part of my studies at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I have created my start-up company. YourSalesTeam, that specializes in helping SaaS providers to bring their products into the market.

I need your help with this short questionnaire, as my research questions revolve around understanding the French market when it comes to technology-SaaS products for my graduation thesis!

It will only take a few minutes, and your thoughts are much appreciated!

The goal of YourSalesTeam is to help tech companies with SaaS products focus on their core business, and let the sales part to us, for each local market they want to grow in.

As you seem to have lots of knowledge and/or relevant experience, we're also asking you to distribute the survey among other experts in this particular field! It will be much appreciated!

All provided information will be treated with high confidentiality.

Thank you for helping me take a step closer to graduation!

Location of the company
Your answer
1. How big is your company (internal staff)?
2. Who does sales for your company now?
3. Have you considered outsourcing sales activities before?
4. To what extend is outsourcing sales services (no cure no pay - commission based only) important to you?
5. How many hours a week do your company spend on sales activities?
6. Why doesn’t your company outsource sales activities?
If yes, please specify to whom are you outsourcing it?
Your answer
7. What is the size of SaaS market in France?
8. Are there enough outsourcing companies that specialize in sales on SaaS solutions?
9. Which of the following parts influence your choice to outsource sales activities (Multiple answers are applicable)?
10. Which of the following do you think are the most applicable/ effective sales channels for my start-up in France (Multiple answers are applicable)?
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