AW1 Writing feedback method survey
You have written your Essay 1 and received feedback from your instructor in 3 different ways:
1. Instructor shows anonymous student writing on-screen in class to the whole class and makes general comments. MERIT: all students can see examples of actual student writing and see how the instructor corrects or changes. Students can ask questions in real time. DEMERIT: There is not enough time to discuss every student’s writing. Not much interaction (students mostly listen). Can become boring.
2. Annotated (rtf and HTML files). MERIT: detailed, individual feedback to every student. DEMERIT: not in real time, discussion with instructor must be done by email, annotations may be difficult to understand, takes much time for instructor (15 minutes per student essay).
3. NoRedInk. MERIT: NoRedInk gives tips for writing; writing is online so available at any time; easy and quick for instructor to mark (2~3 minutes per essay); gives a grade. DEMERIT: students must login; interface may be unsuitable for smartphones or tablets, interface and site navigation somewhat confusing.
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Please choose from the 3 methods above, the one you would prefer the instructor to use for giving you feedback on your writing. *
Please give a reason for your choice. You can include your reasons for NOT wanting the other 2 methods you did not choose, as well as why you prefer the method you chose, *
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