Free Your Mind: Montessori Research Series Crowdsourcing Our Content
Free Your Mind: Montessori Research Series
In a joint venture, Montessori for Social Justice and Center for Montessori Studies at the University of Hartford are collaborating on a series of dialogues about research for and about Montessori.
The purpose of this joint venture is to showcase current research in the field. It is also used to help interest, and educate, individuals on how to conduct research that is from, with and/or for their community.
This form is to hear from you about research presentations you would like to see amplified as well as an authentic crowdsourcing of future content.
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July 6, 2020 launched the first dialogue session
Did you experience the presentations as offering research from, with and/or for the Montessori community?
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Where you able to have your questions addressed and engage during this first dialogue or as part of the session follow-up?
Please share any technical issues or improvements that would improve your interactive experience e.g. breakout rooms
Is there a specific research methodology or paradigm you would like to see presented?
Do you have someone you would like to recommend share their research work? Please provide their name and contact information for follow-up
Do you have research you would like to share? Please provide a brief description and your contact information for follow-up
How often would you attend dialogues in this series?
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Thank you for contributing to the content and experience of the next series! More information can be found at: and
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