HSHacks General Team Recruitment
Hey there! You are here because you are interested in joining the organizing team for HSHacks IV. We want to make sure we get passionate team members and we will be going through an interview after this application process.

HSHacks' main goal is to give an opportunity to attendees to learn to code, regardless of their past experience and background. We want to keep an organizing team of students who are willing to work together through the months leading to the event - all while having fun and learning.

HSHacks is split into 4 teams:
- Operations: in charged about the event itself - schedule, meals, planning, mentors etc...
- Sponsorship: Reaching out to companies, APIs, sponsors, partners.
- Outreach: Social Media, Campus Ambassadors, press, hacker applications.
- Tech: Website, Mobile Apps, bots, designs: Logos, packets etc...

Here is some more information about HSHacks, some of which are still tentative:
- Happening in October or November of 2018.
- Only for high school students - aiming for a goal of 1000 attendees.
- Equal Gender ratio + Bringing students from ALL backgrounds to the event.
- Goal: Bring the most enthusiastic students to learn to code and insure they remain in the hacking community. All from applications to post-event, insure a quality event to all. Quality > Quantity

What we expect from you:
- Around 2-5 hours per week, might increase as we get closer to the event.
- Present in weekly calls.
- Perform tasks on time.
- Organized with thought.
- Be open to discussion, including any issues with the team. We are all in this together.
- Active on our Slack channel and Messaging apps.
- Learn from mistakes and have fun!

If you are applying as a Director, you will have some more workload, increasing the time per week from 5-10 hours minimum.

- Participated in 2 or more hackathons.
- Living in the Bay Area.
- Attending high school during 2018-2019.
- Be awesome and willing to work together.

If you have any questions, please reach out to team@hshacks.com.

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Part II: About you.
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