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Boldly Went for Business specializes in working with small businesses and non-profits who want an affordable and effective strategy to identify and share the most intriguing aspects of your brand story through the lens of your own audience. Boldly Went provides support for gathering small groups of your most dedicated customers, clients or volunteers, then teaches them to tell the stories of their experiences with your organization quickly and impactfully, in a fun, and social environment. We record the stories and produce audio content that illustrates who your business if for, and why it is valuable. You benefit because you get high quality content that you probably wouldn’t be able to create yourself that you can easily share.

Businesses and organizations who work with us find this process valuable for a variety of reasons beyond just marketing content production, because stories from your audience help you understand your customer’s perspective on what they’re getting from your organization, and why they find it valuable. Our experiences are developed from a model designed to build community, so they are fun and engaging in a way that rapidly develops brand affinity and a sense of community centered on your organization and activities. The experience is unique, and as far as we know, no one else offers the type of experience that Boldly Went creates for organizations and their community.

While our broadest experience is in working with small outdoor and environmentally-focused businesses and non-profits, we also have professional experience in nursing, mental health, community non-profits, travel and tourism, and online and print journalism.

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