Nourish Community Market Member-Owner Agreement & Disclosure
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Membership Agreement
Applicant's Statement: I hereby apply for membership in Northeast Community Cooperative Market, now doing business as Nourish Community Market, and agree to abide by the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the association (, now and hereafter in effect, copies of which have been presented to me for inspection. I certify that I am a consumer interested in buying the products offered by Nourish Community Market; I commit to patronizing the cooperative on a regular basis; I have tendered the purchase price of one share of common voting stock; and I have met such other qualifications for membership as have been explained to me.

After my membership shall have been in effect for one year from the date of its acceptance by the association, either party may terminate it by notifying the other party in writing of this intention. If neither of the parties to this agreement so notifies the other, it is mutually agreed that this shall constitute conclusive evidence that the parties have renewed this agreement for another year.
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Additional household members
You may add multiple adults residing at the same address to this account. Right now, you may add one additional adult at no extra cost. Later, additional adults may be added for a nominal processing fee.

It is assumed that the person filling out this form is the primary account holder. The primary account holder receives the patronage, equity, and right to vote which is correspondent to the member account, regardless of how many adults of the same household utilize the account. If the other adult(s) wants the full rights of membership, they should apply for membership separately.
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Member E-Signature
I certify that all of the forgoing information is correct. I understand that by submitting payment and submitting this form, I am applying for membership in Northeast Community Co-op Market, doing business as Nourish Community Market. I understand that I will be contacted by Nourish regarding my membership status.
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