Pocket Rivals BETA Edition Feedback Program
Thank you so very much for purchasing a copy of Pocket Rivals BETA Edition 2 Player Starter Pack! We deeply appreciate your patronage and hope you're having loads of fun with your copy of the game! It's actually in the pursuit of making Pocket Rivals MORE fun that Interrobang Studios and Team Kultzow would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

The form below should take less than 10 minutes to fill out, and if you're willing to give us a contact email, we'd love to keep you up to date on all new Pocket Rivals developments. You can expect rules updates, card expansion news, and special 'Thank You' perks to our BETA Feedback Program Participants!

Where did you pick up your copy of Pocket Rivals BETA? *
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How frequently do you play card games? *
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Were the rules easy to understand as they were written? *
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So Easy to Understand!
If there were portions of the rules that were unclear, please let us know which parts and what made them confusing.
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Are the symbols and Talents printed on the cards clearly understood? *
There were unclear bits.
I understood it all.
If there were unclear symbols or Talents, which one(s) were confusing?
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What did you think of the initial board set up? *
Once you felt comfortable with the rules, how long do you feel the game of Pocket Rivals takes? *
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Too Long! FOREVER.
Which do you think is the strongest Talent? *
Why is this the strongest Talent?
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Which do you think is the weakest Talent? *
Why is this the weakest Talent?
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How likely are you to play another round of Pocket Rivals? *
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Again! Again! Again! :)
I enjoyed Pocket Rivals BETA and would be interested in the following types of expansions and products... *
Did you have any other thoughts, feelings, or feedback about Pocket Rivals that you would like to share?
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Last Question: Are we allowed to contact you? Please give us your email address! We'd love to follow up on your feedback and keep you updated on Pocket Rivals. (We promise not to spam you or sell/disclose your contact information.)
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