Guaranteed To Watch Active Auroras?!
It can often be challenging to catch the best aurora borealis (Northern Lights) because, perhaps like us, you are probably asleep when these spectacular light shows are most active and visible in the sky. Even if the aurora forecast (KPI index) is high on a given night, that is still only predicting the likelihood of an active aurora. Who has time to stay up all night waiting for the lights to actually be visible in their area? Plus, the weather might not even cooperate with the best aurora shows (e.g. overcast skies).

We are a team of passionate Alaskans and software engineers who enjoy every opportunity to see these lights as they dance across the night sky. Together, we are developing a system that is capable of visually detecting these aurora shows real-time, and then notifying folks that opt in. Using image recognition technology, our system takes into account the local weather and visibility, in order to provide high confidence that the aurora is active and visible.

We'll be able to let you know the precise moment when the aurora is in action, and visible from your area - then you can decide if you want to throw on your winter coat and enjoy one of nature's most beautiful ballets.

If you do not live in Alaska, image you were going to go on a trip to Alaska, Iceland, Norway or some other northern location to watch the aurora.

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