Sri Arunodayam works to enable the rights of abandoned intellectually disabled children, and provide safe harbor and equal opportunities.
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Sri Arunodayam requires volunteers for the following activities.
Please tick areas where you would like to offer your help.
Creating Awareness about Sri Arunodayam
Research & Analysis - Information relevant to our field of operation
Conduct recreational activities for the children
Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Pet Therapy
Train the Trainer
Green Time
Data Entry
Software Development for Simple Tracking Systems
Enhancing Vocational Skills for Girls
Marketing Advisors
Documentary Producers / Radio Jockeys
Guidelines and norms that a volunteer must abide by:
Volunteers may not take photographs of the children. If the volunteering activity is to be reported in your corporate magazine, please approach the contacts below for organizing a group picture.                                              

Volunteers may not release any material or pictures pertaining to Sri Arunodayam to the media (TV/radio/magazines/newspapers/newsletters, etc.), without getting Sri Arunodayam’s prior approval.

 Intimate physical contact with the children such as hugging or kissing is prohibited.  

No cash donations may be collected by any volunteer. As far as possible, motivate people to send their donations via Cheques/DDs directly to Sri Arunodayam.  (All information is available on our website: https://sriarunodayam.org/)                                                                            
For more information, please get in touch with
Ms. Althea D’Sylva - Email: althea.dsylva007@gmail.com; Mobile: +91-98403 50120  

Mr. Iyyappan Subramaniyan – Email: sriarunodayam@gmail.com; Mobile: +91-9444915803
Certifications provided by Sri Arunodayam
Sri Arunodayam will never take good work for granted. Here are a few ways we thought of appreciating you. On the successful completion of major projects, Sri Arunodayam will give you a Certificate of Appreciation containing a description of your project. For recreation, pet, art therapy, training for girls, and green time, a minimum of 3 months or 25 hours of volunteering is required to qualify for a certificate. Regular/committed volunteers could feature on our website!
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