Back To School Presents: WALK ACROSS THE ROOM
“Learning to Walk Changes Your life; Learning to Walk Across the Room Can Change Eternity!” Ps Bill Hybels.

Image this scenario: Just taking a few steps and saying a friendly hello to someone, may be all it takes to change someone’s life and their eternity! Here is the good news: Evangelism, no longer will be a word we fear and shun. It has to do more with taking a genuine interest in another person and listening to their story than it does with learning evangelism tactics and techniques.

This is a four-session video-based study over 2 Saturday afternoons. Participants will be introduced to friendship evangelism where one is attuned to and cooperates with the promptings of the Holy Spirit in sharing one’s faith. Jesus himself introduced the perfect model for evangelism when he walked in the common space of individual and invited them into spiritual conversations. The lessons are crafted to provide handles and skills to share one’s faith in a natural way by developing friendships, discovering stories and discerning appropriate invitations.

Take this golden opportunity to learn and be equipped to walk in a totally new way of evangelism. The concepts are not hard; they are effective. Take the first step today – to sign up and let the journey begin to be an effective witness for Christ!

Dates: 13 & 20 Oct (Saturdays)
Time: 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Facilitator: Rev Vincent Goh

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