Missions Grant Application
Thank you for your interest in partnering with The Greenhouse Church. We are excited and honored that you thought of partnering with us in your missions pursuit!

This missions grant application was designed with you in mind and to provide an opportunity for you to share your heart and what God is doing in and through you and your ministry. It is an extensive application, but we have prayed through each aspect of it and see this not as a mere hoop to jump through, but as more of a discipleship tool to help sharpen you as a disciple, disciple maker, and missionary. We pray that this application will bring about further clarity and focus in your vision and call to the nations.

We also pray that this application will be a blessing to you and upon its completion, we will have helped you compile a sharp, detailed, fundraising packet for future funding. God bless your pursuit and may His Kingdom come and will be done!
Applicant Information
Applicant Name
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Applicant Email
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Applicant Phone Number
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Which Greenhouse campus do you attend?
Are you a member of The Greenhouse Church (have you signed a membership agreement form)?
Where do you currently serve with The Greenhouse Church?
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Are you actively involved in a microchurch?
If applicable, who are your microchurch leaders?
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Do you tithe to The Greenhouse Church?
Project Information
Please briefly describe the project you are requesting financial support for. Please include the name of your sending organization and list the main goal(s) of this project.
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If your organization did not exist, would the needs of your project go unaddressed? Are there other organizations targeting these same needs?
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Remembering The Poor
Is your project targeting a specific population in poverty?
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If you are working with the poor, how does your project contribute to alleviating poverty in the community you are trying to help?
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On a spectrum of socioeconmic poverty, where would you rank the community you work with? If you are not working with a community in poverty, please explain below.
No Poverty
Poorest of Poor
Reaching the Unreached
An unreached or unengaged people is a people group among which there are few or no indigenous Christians with adequate resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance.

There are currently 17,000 people groups on planet earth and there are about 7,050 that are considered unreached. To learn more about unreached people groups please visit thetravelingteam.org/articles/what-is-a-people-group.
On a spectrum of Gospel availability, where would you rank the community you work with?
Everyone Has Access to the Gospel
What is the strategy to reach your area or unreached people group with the Gospel? Please give examples of how you will be incorporating the proclamation of the Gospel in your outreach.
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Indigenous Partnership
Were you asked by a local individual or organization from the area you will be serving to help? (i.e. were you invited by a local pastor or leader from another country)
Your answer
What other organizations are reaching out to your chosen people group? What differentiates you from other organizations reaching this population?
Your answer
Discuss 2-3 strengths in the community/culture you will be serving. How can these be used to help alleviate the problem you are addressing?
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Sustainable and Reproducible Work
Is this work creating long-term change or a one-time fix? Please explain.
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Will this project create dependency on your organization? Please explain.
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Prayer Saturation
Have you solicited prayerful support? How many people are praying for this project beside yourself?
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How do you specifically pray for your organization? (please include quantity and specific prayer requests)
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Financial Accountability
Describe your support raising strategy (explain all anticipated or current funding sources).
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What amount of financial support are you requesting from Greenhouse Church? Please specify if you are requesting one-time or monthly support. Monthly support is only available for long-term (more than 12 months) projects.
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What is the total cost for your project or trip?
Your answer
Is your organization reported on Charity Navigator (charitynavigator.org) for their financial health, accountability and transparency? If so, enter their star rating (select 0 if not rated).
Greenhouse Church is only able to send financial support to organizations that display financial transparency and accountability. Please describe how your sending organization demonstrates these traits, and include any pertinent links that help affirm the organization's commitment to financial responsibility (i.e. Do they have their operating budget and other financial records available through an annual report or some other format? Are they rated on Charity Navigator, The Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance or a member of ECFA or another council for financial accountability?)
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In Submitting This Application
My signature below confirms that this application is true and authentic. My signature also confirms that any funding that is potentially received from The Greenhouse Church will be used only for the purpose(s) outlined in this application. If upon receiving these funds it is determined that a portion should be used differently than outlined in this application, I promise to communicate these changes to the Director of Missions.
Name of Applicant (typing your name here serves as a signature to the above commitment).
Your answer
Thank you for your interest in partnering with The Greenhouse Church. You will be contacted by a member of our missions team once your application has been submitted and prayerfully reviewed.
Please know that in considering requests Greenhouse Church gives priority to ministries or individuals with a clear and strong vision for our mission priorities. We love to give to missionaries that financially give to other missionaries, and we give STRONG priority to support Greenhouse Church members who tithe, serve, and are actively involved in a microchurch or campus small group.
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