The Hoboken Green Team launched the Green Business Recognition Program to distinguish local businesses that are advancing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As a Hoboken Green Business, you will be able to tap into positive press to strengthen relationships with your community and your customers. In recognition of your efforts, you will receive:
• A Hoboken Green Business window sticker to display in your window or at your register;
• A digital version of the Hoboken Green Business sticker to post on your website;
• Recognition as a Hoboken Green Business at the 2018 Hoboken Green Fair;
• A press release that will be distributed via the City Nixle emails, website, and social media;
• A "Green Business Spotlight" on the Hoboken Green Team Instagram page;
• Free booth at the 2018 Hoboken Green Fair; and
• Recognition as a Hoboken Green Business on the Hoboken website with a link to your website.

In order to qualify, please complete this pledge. The Green Team will review all submitted pledges and recommend businesses for recognition at the annual Hoboken Green Fair.

This is an annual application process designed to track progress in sustainability efforts, therefore each businesses must reapply annually for recognition. Note that the Green Team may request a visit to review the green business pledge with the owner.

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Refrain from giving out plastic or paper bags, unless asked
Charge a fee for plastic or paper bags
Not offer single-use bags
Refrain from giving out plastic straws, unless asked
Use reusable utensils, dishware and cups instead of disposable options
Provide to-go containers made from recyclable and/or compostable resources
Encourage your customers to bring their own to-go containers or water bottles for re-fill
Not offer to-go containers
Reduce waste by donating unused food to shelters and composting
Compost food waste with Community Compost Company (www.communitycompostco.com) or other vendors
Have recycling and composting receptacles equal in number and visibility as trash bins
Recycle "uncommon" items such as water filters or cooking oil
Understand that it costs more to recycle glass than plastic
Promote draft and/or canned beer instead of bottled beer
Promote boxed wine instead of bottled wine
Not offer beverages in glass bottles
Use Hudson Bike Share (https://hudsonbikeshare.com/), walk or use public transport for short trips
Sponsor a Bike Corral (http://hobokennj.gov/departments/transportation-parking/bicycling/)
Offer an employee commuting survey and help eliminate single use occupancy vehicles
Incentivize employees to use mass transit, such as a pre-tax commuter benefit
Not offer free parking
Provide electric charging stations in your parking facilities
Purchase electricity from alternative energy providers (www.greenmountainenergy.com) or purchase carbon offsets (www.arcadiapower.com/)
Improve energy efficiency through Direct Install or other incentives offered by New Jersey's Clean Energy Program (http://www.njcleanenergy.com)
Use renewable energy systems (www.hobokensolar.org)
Use battery energy storage system to manage energy loads
Use efficient light bulbs, such as LED
Use lighting that operates on sensors and/or emergency lighting in storage areas and back rooms
Use natural light in lieu of or to reduce electricicity-powered overhead light during daylight hours
Use WaterSense products such as low flow toilets, showers, etc. (https://www3.epa.gov/watersense/)
Use Green Infrastructure to manage stormwater (http://www.nj.gov/dep/gi/)
Buy in bulk with minimal packaging
Purchase from vendors that use compostable or "greener" packaging supplies
Purchase from local vendors
Purchase organic food
Purchase fair trade products
Hire local intern(s), such as from True Mentors
Host event(s) that bring community members together for environmental awareness
Participate in environmental causes (fairs, cleanups, green foundations, etc.)
Participate in 1% for the planet (http://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org/)
Participate in the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry Program, (http://registry.njsbdc.com/)
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