Rain is a resource: A community of practice for community groups and nonprofits working to transform their urban landscapes with green infrastructure
Are you interested in driving transformative green infrastructure in your community? Green Communities Canada and the Canadian Freshwater Alliance are seeking applicants to participate in a Community of Practice to advance uptake of green infrastructure in communities across Canada.


Runoff from rain events can be a major problem that causes flooding, erosion, degraded water quality in urban water bodies and more issues. Green infrastructure -- like rain gardens, permeable pavement, and bioswales -- help to manage rain where it falls, reducing the volume of runoff produced. Although many cities have implemented pilot projects, community-wide integration of green infrastructure is needed to fully realize its benefits. This is what we mean by “transformative green infrastructure:” green infrastructure that is integrated into land-use planning on many different levels (not just as isolated projects).


As a participant, you will receive training, resources, communications support, and access to fundraising support to help you influence decision-makers to adopt a transformative green infrastructure plan. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn from other individuals and organizations across the country who are also working to bring about transformative green infrastructure in their communities.


The community of practice will begin in March 2018 and run for approximately 6 months, with a time commitment of approximately 1-2 hours/week. Participation means doing activities like monthly webinars and peer learning sessions, conducting research on local issues and context, and developing an action plan to advance transformative green infrastructure in your community.


Local environmental organizations, First Nations bands and organizations, and community members who have the drive, interest, and time to push for transformative green infrastructure are invited to apply.

***If you are interested in participating in the Community of Practice, please submit your response to this form by March 1st, 2018.***

This form will give us a better idea of watershed issues in your community, your familiarity and experience with green infrastructure, and your capacity to participate in the community of practice. It will also help us to tailor the program to best suit your needs. It should take approximately 20-30 minutes to fill out for someone with knowledge of their local green infrastructure context.

We will strive to accommodate all groups interested in the community of practice, although in order to foster active collaboration we may need to limit the number of participants.

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