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If you’re here for the auditions for MOTHERS and SONS, you’re in the right place!

Please review all of the information below to aid in your preparation.

By Terrence McNally

Jozef Zebediah • Director
Michelle Perez • Producer

AUDITION INFORMATION: Additional audition added for the role of Bud (young boy) - Saturday, April 23rd 2:00-4:00 p.m. in the lower level of OTP.

Monday, March 18 • 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday, March 19 • 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

MOTHERS and SONS, a story sharply told with beauty, wit and grace, highlights relationships between mothers and their sons who happen to be gay, the evocative emergence of same gender marriages, and the shadowing legacy of HIV Disease. It is humorous, insightful and hopeful, all at once.



MOTHERS and SONS explores the depths of love, loyalty and devasting loss in measured doses. As defenses wane, we, as spectators, witness increasing doses of guilt, remorse, resentment and regret. Still, the human spirit prevails and, with innocence and whimsy, this timely play shows the hope and promise of healing, even within longstanding divisions.

As director, my intention is to create a playground for you, that actor, to unleash your sense of adventure! As a company, we will explore ways in which to respond truthfully under the imaginary circumstances of the play – to the loss of love, its compounded grief, the opportunity to love again, the privilege of parenting, and to the healing of rage, heartache and sorrow. And, gratefully, the embryonic hope of new beginnings.

I find such good fortune in this opportunity and believe you will find the very same!

I so look forward to seeing you and experiencing your soul-driven creativity at the auditions for MOTHERS and SONS!

With Gratitude and Anticipation,


• OLD TOWN PLAYHOUSE auditions are open to actors of all races, ethnicities, abilities, ages and gender identifications.

• All roles are open prior to auditions

• The age ranges within the character descriptions are relatively flexible. If you are interested in auditioning for a particular role, please do!

• Please complete the Online Audition Form as soon as possible.

• A digital copy of the script is available at this link: and at the Old Town Playhouse. Please read the entire script.


Unannounced, and with the fragile excuse to return an item, KATHERINE Gerard intrudes upon the Upper West Side apartment of CAL Porter, the former partner of her son, Andre. It has been some 25 years since they last met at Andre’s memorial service, he having died after a harrowing hospice.

Buoyed by a litany of long-held misconceptions, KATHERINE believes that CAL not only made Andre gay but killed her son by giving him AIDS. WILL, CAL’s husband, joins the evocative face-off without the tact of CAL and with no connection to Andre. BUD, their son, with uncanny delight and like water to a flame, brings a sense of levity to this cul-de-sacian conversation. And an unexpected beginning, too.


Director • Jozef Zebediah
Producer • Michelle Perez
Stage Manager • Caroline Haugen
Set Designer • Matt McCormick
Set Decorator • Karen Gardner
Lighting Designer • Bill Fishburn
Production Manager • Gary Bolton
Artistic Committee Liaison • Nicholas Viox


Theatre lives in and relies on, in large part, an atmosphere of empathy. Empathy is the north star, illuminating the creation, performance and reception of theatre. And empathy will remain the cornerstone of our rehearsal and production process. With this in mind, empathy will be central to the audition process as well.

What does that look like? No sides. No script. No cold readings.

In their place? Improvisation. Play. No right or wrong. No good or bad. Simply an attitude of play.

What might you do to prepare? Read the script. Come to play! And bring the following words in memory:

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear ____, Happy Birthday, to you.”

“My Bonnie lies over the ocean. My Bonnie lies over the sea. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. Bring back my Bonnie to me.”

Bonnie = One that I love.

Try not to think about this. Just know that you will shine!

Important Dates:


Rehearsals will be scheduled:

SUNDAYS 1:00 – 5:00 PM
MONDAYS thru THURSDAYS: 6:00 – 9:00 PM

There may be an occasional SATURDAY afternoon rehearsal if there are conflicts with other days of a particular week.

Given the number of two-character scenes within this play, not everyone will be called to every rehearsal. And I will make every effort to work with your availability.


SUNDAY May 19 • 1:00 – 5:00 PM
MONDAY thru THURSDAY, May 20 – 23 • 6:00 – 9:00 PM, possibly 10:00 PM

Please be sure to acknowledge any actual or potential scheduling conflicts in the Online Audition Form.


MAY 24, 25, 30, 31 and JUNE 1, 6, 7 & 8 @ 7:30 PM
MAY 26 and JUNE 2 @ 2:00 PM


KATHERINE GERARD (70 – 75): A widow in the midst of complicated grief stemming from the unexpected death of her son nearly 25 years ago. Her traditionalistic thoughts and rigid beliefs nearly asphyxiate her desire to live beyond socially prescribed roles and boundaries. She wears fur and fury as pelts of armor. Caustic. Brokenhearted. Vengeful. Afraid. And her rage remains unabated.

CAL PORTER (50 – 55): A money manager who may be somewhat ill-suited for such a cerebral profession. His love for Andre remains alive but virtually unexpressed. He tended his unfaithful partner until Andre died and mourned their aborted love for the following eight years. When he talks about Andre, there is a pathos that belongs to him that no one else can ever touch. Now, as husband of WILL and father of BUD, he seeks and savors life’s lighter moments. A nice guy. A really nice guy. Athletic. And with a seething sense of injustice.

WILL OGDEN (35 – 40): As a writer, husband, parent and person of the world, WILL insists on precision, especially when it comes to intention, action, language and political correctness. With no connection to Andre directly, he remains threatened by the love Andre shared with CAL. In the role that Andre could have held, WILL incites hatred from KATHERINE but love from CAL and BUD. Penetrating. Reactive. Forceful. And making sure he lives life as he had planned.

BUD OGDEN-PORTER (5 – 8): As the son of CAL and WILL, BUD is as natural as can be with his two fathers. He’s curious, confident and charming, too. With the innocence that comes with his age, BUD delights in the love that surrounds him. Smart. Inquisitive. Fun-loving. Daring.


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