50 Ways To Be A Lover - Dating
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How would you describe your relationship status? *
What is your sex? *
How would you describe you sexual orientation?
What is the best thing about your current relationship satus?
What is the worst thing about your parents relationship?
How old we're you when you started dating?
What guidance did your parents or adult mentors give you about dating?
What do you wish you had know before you started dating?
What is your ideal relationship structure?
What does monogamous mean to you in a relationship?
How would you describe your current relationship structure?
How to you and your partner(s) talk about your relationship? How often? What do you discuss?
Do you have children with a current partner? An ex-partner?
Please specify.
Whose relationship do you admire? Why?
Which is worse: being hurt in a relationship or hurting someone else?
What is the difference between a friend and a lover? A lover and a partner?
What kind of friendships do you have with your exes? If any?
What factors make it likely that you will maintain a friendship after the break up of a romantic relationship?
Is a sexual relationship different from an emotional relationship?
What is the worst kind of infidelity?
What part of your relationship with your partner(s) do you expect to be exclusive to you?
Do you discuss outside attractions with your partner(s)?
What do you consider cheating?
If your partner breaks your relationship agreement would you want them to tell you?
Do you know anyone in a non-monogamous relationship?
Would you ever be in a relationship with someone who has a committed partner, or is married?
If your committed partner cheated on you how would you want to deal with it?
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