Donations to DBpedia
Step 1: Donate!
Donations to the DBpedia should be made to the following account:

- Bank Transfer(prefered) via
IBAN: DE93 8204 0000 0266 2773 02

- Paypal (we will loose 2.2% of your donation):

Thank you for donating to the DBpedia!
The donations will be handled by the DBpedia Association (http:/ on behalf of the DBpedia Community.

We will publish all donors via linked data with their own uri in the namespace and an RDF triple saying thank you. Furthermore, we will publish all supporters at the supporter page and rank them according to the donation amount. Per default, we will treat all donations anonymously, unless you fill out the form below.
Step 2: Fill out the form below to receive your linked data URI and your tax refund receipt
Should the donation be displayed publicly? *
If you check public, we will publish your information via Linked Data as mentioned above.
Public donation text
The public donation text can be a name or message that will appear next to your donation.
Public logo URL
A URL with a logo to appear next to the public donation text.
Donation amount *
The amound you donated (for cross-referencing with our account)
Currency (if not Euro)
The currency of the money (if different than Euro)
Legal donor name *
private, required for tax-refunds and the donation receipt
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Details that will be used for invoice issuing
Additional Notes
Anything else you will like to add regarding your payment (e.g. invoice preferences)
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