USPS Soil Health Forever Stamp Suggestion
UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who responded. Our suggestion packet has been sent off to the USPS Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. In addition to our formal suggestion, we were able to include 69 letters, from national, state and local organizations from all over the country, as well as over 700 signatories of the letter below, representing 43 states, 2 territories and someone from Spain.

The Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee's website states if they decide to proceed, it takes about three years for a suggestion to be issued. They receive many, many suggestions and only print a couple dozen a year. So please keep your fingers crossed that in 2021 we'll get our stamp.

I have been overwhelmed by your comments supporting this idea and enjoyed the email "chats" I've had with those that have sent letters. Again, thank you.


Nearly 60 years ago the US Postal Service issued a Soil Conservation stamp emphasizing the importance of soil and water conservation measures like contour plowing to those who farmed and its relationship to those living in urban areas. 25 years later they issued a stamp for Soil and Water Conservation Districts commemorating 50 years of the SWCD movement in the US. And in the years since, while they have issued stamps about farming and wildlife conservation, they have not returned to focus on the one unifying piece that makes all of it possible, our soil.

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture is leading an effort asking the USPS to issue a Soil Health Forever stamp in the near future to promote the growing movement across the country and we would appreciate your support. You, or your organization, may send us a letter of support, or you may indicate your support of the letter below by completing this form.

Please send your letter of support to Meg Leader, Director of Soil Health, Division of Soil Conservation, ISDA, One North Capitol, Suite 600, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or email it to Letters should be addressed to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.

We will be collecting all letters and signatures until July 23, 2018 and will submit our formal suggestion in July. We are asking for emails and addresses to indicate that your support is valid, but you are not being put on any sort of mailing list. Unless you contact us, we will not send you anything.

Thank you,

1959 Stamp
1959 Stamp
Letter of Support
Dear USPS Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee

I am signing this letter to support the Indiana State Department of Agriculture’s proposal to issue a Soil Health Forever stamp to help create a public awareness about the importance of our irreplaceable natural resource – the soil and our ability to continue to provide food, fiber, and fuel for our rapidly growing population across the planet.

As we face mounting production and sustainability challenges of the 21st century, focusing on soil health is the right thing to do – and now is the right time to do it. The world is facing enormous challenges in terms of dwindling farmland acres, extreme and unpredictable weather events, and our ability to sustain our natural resources while trying to produce more.

Millions of people across America make important decisions about their land each day. And, every acre counts when it comes to soil health – whether you have a small backyard garden, a community garden, a forest, or thousands of acres of farmland or ranchland. Protecting and conserving our available natural resources begins with the soil.

Soil health practices such as minimal soil disturbance, planting cover crops, always keeping soil covered with residue, mulch or growing plants, and rotating crops have been shown to increase both organic matter and biological activity which is the lifeblood of healthy soil.

Improved soil health can decrease flooding and water runoff; reduce fuel consumption; reduce pollutants in our drinking water and air; increase healthy habitat for livestock, pollinators and wildlife; increase crop productivity; and at the same time, improve the bottom line for those who grow our food.

I believe that soil health practices can positively affect the future of our country and I have made a personal pledge to educate those around me about the benefits of changing the way they think about our living and life-giving soil.

As a signatory to this letter, I encourage you to support the resource upon which all terrestrial life depends—our living and life-giving soil. A “Soil Health Forever” stamp will go a long way in communicating this critically important message to our fellow citizens.


1985 Stamp
1985 Stamp celebrating 50 years of SWCD
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