We're looking to start an Nspire Chapter!
Thank you for your interest in starting an Nspire chapter at your school! We’re excited to hear your plans and ideas, and look forward to working together in engaging more students with the world of business and technology!

As a chapter lead, you will have the exciting opportunity to bring some of Canada’s brightest young talent together with the world’s leading industry experts. That said, you’ll also be taking on a significant responsibility, along with a time commitment: to your delegates, to your sponsors, and to the rest of the Nspire team.

We’d like to learn some more about you, your experience, and your initiatives before we move ahead, so we’ve prepared this form for you to fill out and include with your resume, which you can send to info@nspire.org with the subject line “Chapter Initiative -- <Your Name>”. Please fill in all applicable fields and be as concise as possible in your responses.

Don't worry too much about the long answer questions, just answer them to the best of your ability. It's a way for us to learn more about you and to help start our conversations. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook or email us at info@nspire.org. Good luck and we'll talk soon!

Please remember the deadline to apply is June 24th, 11:59PM EST.
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