UWSA Access Lounge Survey
Please complete the following questions.
Are you a University of Winnipeg student? *
What year of study are you in? *
Do you identify yourself to be a student with a disability? *
Are you registered with Accessibility Services through the University of Winnipeg? *
Do you use the Accessibility Resource Centre (1M35)? *
What do you use the Accessibility Resource Centre for (e.g. for studying, resting/quite space to relax, to socialize, to use adaptive technology, etc)? *
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Do you rely on adaptive software/assistive technology (e.g. Kurzweil 3000, Read&Write Gold, Word Q, Dragon Naturally Speaking, etc) for your studies? *
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Do you believe that our university needs more spaces to meet your accessibility needs (e.g. dedicated study lounges, etc)? *
How are you using the UWSA Access Lounge (e.g. doing school work/studying, resting/quite space to relax, socialising/host events, peer support, mentorship programs, etc)? *
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What would you like to see in the Access Lounge at the UWSA (e.g. type of furniture, appliances, adaptive software, computer adaptive technology, scanner, etc)? *
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Please feel free to include any questions or additional comments that this survey may have or have not addressed.
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