South Asian Male Therapists Space
Hi everyone! My name is Shah Alam and I am a CBT therapist and currently coming to the end of my Clinical Psychology training at RHUL. There is less representation of South Asian men as therapists / psychologists within the UK and as a British-Bangladeshi Muslim man I want to change this. I had an idea to develop a supportive space for South Asian male aspiring / trainee / qualified therapists and psychologists in the UK to:

- Network and meet other South Asian male therapists
- Link with schools to promote psychology and career paths in the field
- Support aspiring therapists / psychologists
- Reflective groups as a space to talk about experiences during training / in teams of being a 'minority'
- Discuss leadership and career progression

I hope this space could help men currently in the profession but also support those who are wanting to progress in the field. I know these ideas are broad but I would like to make a start and hope we could work at different levels. Please answer the questions below, which should only take 5-10 minutes! Following this, I will look at the responses and move onto the next steps in development, if there is a need.

This will be anonymous, unless you leave your name and contact details where I may then contact you for a focus group or 1:1 conversation to elaborate on some of your responses. From completing this survey, you consent to me using your responses anonymously.

If you have any questions, you can contact me on:

Thank you!

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