Modelling for Entrancement UK
Thanks for expressing an interest in shooting with me!

I try to tailor shoot content for your own particular skills, talents and preferences. (If you're an actor, we can focus on playing around with different characters and roles. If you're a dancer, we can mix in some ballet or magic dancing shoe style suggestions, etc.)

No questions are mandatory, (Other than the disclaimer and terms at the bottom of the questionnaire) but the more you're able to tell me, the more likely you are to enjoy yourself.

If you'd like to contact me directly, you can do so by emailing me at or texting / phoning 07779 594188

Thanks for your time!


About Yourself
Here we'd like to hear some basic information about yourself.

This'll help me plan the shoot and give me an idea of the levels you're comfortable working to. You can also tell me here how much acting experience you have. (More acting experience means more adlibbing and role-playing different parts and scenarios. Less means we'll focus more on a shoot where the action's more directed.)

Please tell us your name.
If you'd like to use a stage name or an alias for the shoot, please enter that as well.
Your answer
Where in the UK are you based?
Or if you're a long way away, are you happy to travel if expenses are paid?
Your answer
What's the best way to contact you?
An e-mail address is preferred (assuming it's regularly checked) a phone number is also fine.
Your answer
Do you have access to any locations suitable for shooting from?
A clean mid-sized living-room or lounge type area is all we need. Alternatively, we can book a studio.
Your answer
Do you have any friends that might like to star alongside you in this shoot?
Two-girl shoots often have a more playful atmosphere as you can interact with one another. If you don't have anyone in mind, but would enjoy or prefer a 2 or 3 girl shoot to starring solo in a video, please say so.
Your answer
How much past experience have you had acting and roleplaying?
Or even if you've no experience, how comfortable would you be finding yourself in different weird and wacky situations?
In the past I've only ever really posed for pics
I'm enthusiastic about acting & role-playing different roles & situations
What levels are you happiest shooting up to?
Please give us an indication of how nice / naughty you like your shoots to get.
What is it about the idea of a hypnosis shoot that appeals to you?
Please give us any info about yourself and / or your background that you think would be interesting to focus on during the shoot.
Your answer
About the Shoot
We work with many different models from many different backgrounds, some like to get wild and naughty, some like to work with others, some just enjoy trying something new out (without ending up dancing round in their undercrackers... though obviously if that's something you're comfortable with, we'd still love you to do that! ;o)

Here's a general idea of the suggestions you might see during any given shoot. (A usual shoot will contain between 15-30 suggestions)

Please tick the ones you like, ignore the ones you don't, and if there are any that you absolutely loathe, mention it at the end and we'll be sure to avoid them.

Hypnosis shoots work best when you're totally happy and at ease with how everything's going, so the more you tell us, the better.

Enjoy the suggestions!

How would you like to feel whilst you are hypnotized?
Some people prefer their trances to be purely focused on relaxation, others enjoy feeling like they're being seduced by a devious hypnotist! The best trance for you will be one that features elements you enjoy. If we've missed anything, or you have a stand-out favourite, please tell us about it in the "Other" field.
Strange Behaviour
For these suggestions you remain yourself, but find yourself behaving a little differently.
Different Personas
For these suggestions you find yourself feeling and thinking like someone else.
Restraint & Freezing
Using hypnosis to fix parts of you in place, or otherwise freeze you in place entirely.
Magic Potions
Have you believe that an ordinary glass of water has the following effects.
How (if at all) would you enjoy showing yourself off?
Your favourite ways to model?
Can you dance? How would you like to find yourself doing so?
Girl / Girl Scenes
What scenes would you enjoy acting out with another model?
Sexual Situations
Assuming you're happy to find yourself in any, which of these appeal?
Girl / Girl Levels
What level of interaction are you happy working to with other girls?
Is there anything in particular that you'd love to experience within trance? Do you have any other comments or questions?
Feel free to put it in the box below. We'll use all the information you've provided us with to script the suggestions for the shoot. Please also mention if you have any concerns or worries raised by the ideas present in this questionnaire, or if there are any suggestions that you categorically do *not* want to experience.
Your answer
Disclaimer, Health & Safety, and Terms of Work.

We will only work with models over the age of 18.

Friends and chaperones are welcome at the shoots provided their presence will not distract you from relaxing.

For health and safety reasons we will not hypnotize anyone that is currently pregnant, or anyone that has current mental health issues (bi-polarism, depression, etc)

Although some suggestions within the shoot may appear to contain elements of none-consensuality (Devious hypnotist "manipulating" a girl into dancing to his tune) you are free at all times to turn down suggestions you don't like.

Breaks will be scheduled throughout the shoot, if for any reason you'd like to take one early or urgently, you're free to request it at any time.

Please tick the box below to indicate that you agree to the above terms. *
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