New York State Parole Interview Feedback Form
This form was created by the Parole Preparation Project (PPP) and the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign (RAPP). PPP and RAPP lead the movement for parole justice in New York State and our campaign goals include securing the release of more parole-eligible people, especially those serving life sentences; fully staffing the Parole Board with Commissioners who believe in rehabilitation and better reflect the identities and experiences of people in prison; transforming parole policies and practices; and providing community oversight of the parole release process.

We’ve created this form specifically for family members and friends of incarcerated people because we want to hear about your loved ones' experiences with the Parole Board. What happened during their recent parole interview? Which Commissioners were present and what questions did they ask? Did the Commissioners follow the law and what determination did they make?

We will include your stories in our advocacy efforts, and share your feedback with key policymakers, the media and other influential parties. We will not use your name or other identifying details when sharing your stories, unless you indicate otherwise below.

Please note that we aren't affiliated in any way with the Board of Parole, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) or the Inspector General. Unfortunately, we can't investigate or assist you in resolving any of the issues or incidents you describe below. We also can't represent you or provide legal advice of any kind, or return any documents or materials you send us.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Please feel free to skip questions that do not apply or that you’d prefer not to answer.
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Description of Parole Board Interview (include any details you think are relevant, including both negative and positive feedback, if any. No word limit.)
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Did any of the following occur at any time before, during or after the interview?
Is there anything you or your loved one would like to share about previous Parole Board interviews or the parole process generally? (If possible, include the date of interview, Commissioners present, and any other details you think are relevant.)
If you have parole records (ex. transcripts, parole decisions, or appeals decisions) you would like us to review, please email them to or mail them to: the Parole Preparation Project, 168 Canal Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10013. We cannot return documents, so please do not send originals!
In addition to sharing your stories, are you interested in joining the movement for parole justice in New York State? (Check yes to receive updates by email and/or phone. Please make sure to include your contact info above.)
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