ONE DAY CLC! Corporate Learning Course Saturday JUNE 2nd 2018 @ LIGHQ
Date: Saturday June 2nd 2018

Location: Long Island Group Headquarters
1600 Lincoln Ave
Holbrook NY 11741
Time: 0800-2000
Cost: $25.00 per person

Purpose of the Course: The Corporate Learning Course (CLC) discusses the relationship the squadron has with the Group & Wing. We will focus on how wing-level operations help to accomplish CAP’s three missions of AE, ES & CP. This school is being offered by the New York Wing over the course of 1 day with classroom work.

Courses offered:
2.1 Why CAP
2.2 Core Values in Action
2.3 Resources at Work
2.4 Structure, Purpose & Procedure
2.5 The CAP/USAF Relationships
3.1 Broadening Horizons
3.2 Introduction to Teamwork
3.3 The Heart of a Volunteer
3.4 Management Principles
3.5 Planning & Decision Making
3.6 Best Practices
3.7 Mentoring

Directed by:
1st Lt Tina Vanek
1st Lt Rachel Silverberg

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