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Release of Injury and Covid Liability/Medical Treatment Authorization/Social Media Release: I hereby give my consent to participate in the Travel Baseball Program sponsored by Michigan Braves LLC. All personnel associated with Michigan Braves Baseball, the City of Grand Blanc (MI), ProChop Training, Great Lakes Bay Baseball and Genesee Fieldhouse shall not be held liable for any injury whatsoever my child may sustain in the activities thereof. I also certify that I know of no physical problems or conditions of my child which would impair participation in the program. In the event my child is injured, I authorize the coach or his representative to secure first aid and /or the services of any legally qualified physician or hospital and agree to assume all financial obligations connected therewith.In return for the opportunity for my child to participate on Michigan Braves LLC teams, I hereby acknowledge that such participation could expose my child, myself, and other family members and others to the coronavirus/COVID-19 and/or other viruses, the infection from which could result in infection, illness, injury, hospitalization and/or death. By permitting my child to participate, I understand that my child, myself and family members in attendance voluntarily and knowingly incur and assume the risk of such exposure, infection, illness, injury, hospitalization and/or death, and that neither Michigan Braves LLC, City of Grand Blanc, ProChop Training, Great Lakes Bay Baseball, Genesee Fieldhouse have any duty to prevent COVID-19 exposure, infection or resulting illness, injury, hospitalization, death or other adverse ramifications thereof.I hereby fully and forever discharge and RELEASE, and agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Michigan Braves LLC, City of Grand Blanc, ProChop Training, Great Lakes Bay Baseball, Genesee Fieldhouse (hereinafter the “Released Parties”), and their officers, directors, owners, members, employees, agents, volunteers, successors and assigns, from any and all liability, damages or losses, claims, actions, lawsuits, or causes of action for death, injury, illness, medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost income, disability or any other losses, damages or demands arising out of such tryouts, including, but not limited to, those caused by the negligence of the Released Parties as well as factors beyond their control, but not for their willful and wanton conduct, and for those caused by the negligence of my child, myself, or my family members for and from any such demands, claims, actions, causes of action lawsuits or otherwise brought by or on behalf of myself, my child, other family members or others, and/or their successors and/or assigns alleging such claims arising out of such tryouts. I further represent that I am an adult of sound mind with legal authority to execute this Agreement.Social Media ReleaseI also grant Michigan Braves LLC, City of Grand Blanc, ProChop Training, Great Lakes Bay Baseball, Genesee Fieldhouse permission to use to use my child’s voice and image. I understand this is the irrevocable, unconditional and unrestricted right to photograph, record, videotape and/or interview participant and to use, publish, broadcast, and publicly display participant’s name, voice, likeness, biographical information, and any or all of the footage in any of media’s programming, publications, or the promotion thereof.  In addition, Participant/Guardian agrees that the rights granted hereunder shall include the perpetual, worldwide right of media and its parent, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies to edit, telecast, cablecast, rerun, record, publish, reproduce, use, syndicate, license, print and/or distribute for any purpose, in any manner and in any medium or forum -  whether now known or hereafter devised – the footage or any portion thereof without payment of consideration.
Acknowledgement and Consent To Terms/Conditions II *
I hereby agree to commit to the guidelines, rules, and regulations stated below: 1) Attendance a. Michigan Braves Baseball is a competitive team activity requiring participation of its players for practices, games, and tournaments. Missing scheduled team events not only hurts the development of the player, but the whole team. If a player misses practices, games or tournaments for unexcused reasons, it can limit playing time.b. Family is first. The Michigan Braves understand a player may have to miss practices or games due to family functions such as weddings, reunions, graduations, or funerals. Postponing family vacations until after the season is strongly encouraged. c. The Michigan Braves understand and supports that players may be involved in other sports (e.g. soccer, track, etc.) or activities (e.g. band, theater, etc.) that may create conflicts with practices, games, tournaments or other team activities. In event this occurs it is essential that the player and/or player's parents discuss these conflicts timely with the head coach.d. If committing to your Michigan Braves baseball team will be an issue or problem, then the Michigan Braves will ask that you consider participation with another house league program, which will provide another child who does not have an attendance limitation, the opportunity to make the team.2) Playing time a. Travel baseball is a play to win situation and equal playing time is not guaranteed. For non-tournament games all players must be in the batting lineup and playing in the field unless ill, injured, or for disciplinary reasons. b. Travel coaches have the right to limit a player's playing time due to lack of commitment to the team, which could include missing practices, games, or other team activities or due to unsportsmanlike conduct.3) Coaches a. Coaches are selected by the Michigan Braves leadership. They shall manage teams as they see fit, subject to oversight by the General Manager. b. Coaches are to follow the guidelines created by the Michigan Braves organization that includes playing time, scheduling of games, and personal conduct. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in the coach being removed from his duties and replaced by an assistant coach chosen by the organization.4) Behavior Policy a. Goal of this policy is to not only promote sportsmanship, but also encourage positive and effective communication between the organization, coaches, players, umpires, parents, and spectators.b. Any board member, coach, player, umpire, parent, or spectator that demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to this program may be removed from the Michigan Braves baseball program. i. Detrimental behavior is defined as physical and/or verbal abuse towards any participant, board member, coach, player, or umpire at any time.ii. Violators of this policy will be ejected from the event (game/practice) and maybe expelled from the program (nonrefundable).c. If the violator is a board member, coach, or player then the Michigan Braves will meet to discuss the violator's possible disciplinary action. d. If the violator is a parent or spectator, and if the violator has been ejected from the event, they can possibly be expelled from the program and all future events at the sole discretion of the Michigan Braves. They also are not entitled to a hearing or an appeal. e. All tobacco products (chew, snuff, cigars and cigarettes), electronic cigarettes and alcohol usage is strictly prohibited for all players and coaches during team activities. 5) Volunteerism a. The Travel Baseball program generates its funding 100% through player registration fees. Other funds may be raised through sponsors, hosting tournaments, and fundraisers. Parents or legal guardians of all players are encouraged to support the Michigan Braves baseball program either through volunteering their time, helping with fundraising activities, or contributing monetary donations outside of the player fees.6) Baseball - Intent to Play a. The intent of Michigan Braves baseball program is to prepare our players for higher level of play through tournaments. 7) Fees a. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE b. A deposit fee (set by the organization) is due the following Monday after tryouts and when rosters are set. c. The Michigan Braves will provide each player with a set of uniforms including a hat and jerseys. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for all other personal equipment including pants, belt, socks, shoes, glove, bat, bag, etc. If a player damages or destroys a uniform article, the parent or legal guardian will be responsible for replacement of the article at the parent's or legal guardian's personal expense.d. Parents should understand that there may be additional costs involved with travel baseball that may include (but not limited to) equipment, travel, hotels, etc.e. If you need financial assistance, payment terms can be arranged on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Michigan Braves. Please contact the team at: info@michiganareabraves.com if you need financial assistance. Requests for assistance will remain confidential.8) Commitments a. By submitting this signed form I have confirmed that the player named above has committed to play on the Michigan Braves Baseball Team indicated. NOTE: If this form is not signed and submitted, the player will forfeit their spot on the team. b. If a player is removed from a team by his parent(s) or legal guardian subsequent to making a commitment to Michigan Braves Baseball team (by signing this form and paying the deposit) to play on another team outside of the Michigan Braves Baseball Program, the player will not be allowed to play with the Michigan Braves Baseball Program for that season. Also, the deposit will not be refunded. c. Failure to comply with all rules above
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