ACSI Mentoring Emerging Leaders Course Registration
October - December 2017

The MEL (Mentoring Emerging Leaders) program is ACSI Europe's new service to strengthen and encourage young leaders as they mature in their faith and in their leadership abilities.

We are looking for emerging young leaders who have a high level of commitment to identify and develop their leadership abilities, and who are seeking God’s will for their life and career. This program will help them grow in their personal walk with Christ, identify their leadership potential, and develop this potential to become a reality for the glory of God and for creating public value in their communities.

We trust that these courses will help you through opportunities to:
- continue discussions about Biblical leadership with others who are also growing in this area.
- build a foundation for understanding who God has made you and His unique calling on your life to serve and lead.
- develop your God-given gifts and use your influence to shape the culture of your school and community.
- connect with what God is doing with other people in other schools and countries.
- form meaningful networks with other leaders to discuss and apply what you are learning about leadership.
- communicate what you are learning, which is an essential part of leadership and team building.
- apply what you are learning in practical ways through activities built into the courses.

We ask that you pay for this course by investing in the work of ACSI Europe through some service projects. We will recommend specific projects that fit your skills and interests, so that the service project gives you an opportunity to put into practice what you have been learning through the program.

Courses will open for students in October 2017. There are 10-12 sections per course. The course is designed to provide a platform of relevant content for meaningful discussions between a mentor and a small group of students. Sections will open in sequence with one new topic every week.

The program will operate in an online classroom format where you will:
- have access to readings and videos for learning and reflection.
- share what you are learning, ask questions and interact with your mentor and other students through a discussion forum. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other young people, and be of great inspiration and encouragement to your friends by your thoughtful and prayerful engagement in the topics.
- discuss your service project with you mentor.

Each lesson will require about 2 hours of concentrated work but you can do much more if you like.

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