Hbomb & Friends Community Survey
Help me shape the future of the channel, podcast, & community. I will pick 3 winners to win $10 to the online game store of their choice. (US only. Sorry, Adam.)
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Do you currently live in the US?
Where did you find out about Hbomb & Friends?
How do you listen to the Hbomb & Friends podcast? (Check all that apply)
What other methods would you use to listen to/watch the podcast?
Would you be interested in purchasing a $2 app for the podcast?
What nights would you prefer to catch the podcast live (45-90 minutes during the 7-11pm ET window)
Have you listened to our side podcast "Hbomb &..."?
Who would you like to see be a guest on "Hbomb & Friends" or "Hbomb &"?
How often do you visit the Hbomb & Friends Twitch Channel
When would you likely watch a stream?
9am-12pm ET
12-3pm ET
3-6pm ET
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Which of these stream types would be interested in watching?
At scheduled time
On a different day
At a different time
"GET HYPE"- Games with upcoming new installments in their series (M 1pm ET)
"Hbomb Can't Drive"- Hbomb plays driving games... badly (Alt M 8pm ET)
"Hbomb's Quest"- Hbomb plays RPGs & adventure games (alt M- 8pm ET)
"New Game, Who Dis?"- Hbomb plays new releases (T- 1pm)
Hbomb & Friends Live Podcast (T- 8pm ET)
"Wrestling Wednesday"- Hbomb plays retro wrestling games. (W- 8pm ET)
"Throwback Thursday"- Hbomb plays retro games (Th- 1pm)
"Hbomb Rocks"- Hbomb plays Rock Band 4 (F- 1pm ET)
"Community Game Night"- A multiplayer-focused stream where community members can play along (F- 8pm ET)
"Extra Life Bonus Stream"- A monthly 3-hour charity stream (2nd Sat of the month, 1-4pm ET)
What is a game you would like to see me play on-stream?
What games would you like to play on community game night?
What would you like to see as a subscriber perk
Would you support a Hbomb & Friends Patreon?
What other podcasts do you listen to?
What other Twitch streamers do you watch?
How satisfied are you with the podcast?
Least satisfied
Most Satisfied
How would you improve the podcast?
How satisfied are you with the Twitch streams?
Least satisfied
Most satisfied
How would you improve the stream?
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