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Book of John
Chapter 1 New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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The ultimate concern of this gospel is with God and the Godhead. *
The greek word " parakletos " speaks of what? *
Iranaeus was a strong teacher of the gnostic tradition. *
What was the most probable time of the writing of this gospel? *
The idea that Joseph was an old man when he became betrothed to Mary, was found only in second century literature, or later. *
John ( v.1 ) traces the origin of the Word ( Jesus ) to the beginning of time. *
Does the words " the Word was with God " in verse one distinguish the Word from the Father? *
What mystery does ( v. 14 ) testify to? *
Fully Divine, fully eternal.
" Dwelt among us " in the original greek means what?
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Is Water Baptism merely an ordinance to follow or is it a part of God's plan of salvation for man?
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What did John the Baptist call Jesus in verse 29?
The gospels are some of the earliest written books of the New Testament. However, they were written anonymously scholars seem to agree.
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( V.32 ) NKJV And John bore witness, saying, "I saw the __________descending from heaven like a _____________, and He remained upon Him.
The ___________________ were a group of Jewish-Christians who either were born Jewish or converted to Judaism, who kept Jewish customs and strictly followed the Jewish Laws.
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