John Green 12th Annual Talent Show - 2019 Application Form
Calling all Gators! Here's your chance to take center stage in John Green's 12th Annual Talent Show!

Each student who wishes to participate in try-outs is required to submit his/her own application.

If your act includes pre-recorded music, you must submit a labeled CD to the school office or you will not be permitted to try-out.

Applications and CDs must be submitted by TUESDAY, JANUARY 22nd.

Please follow the guidelines carefully. A tremendous amount of work & organization goes into the production of the Talent Show. We appreciate your kind cooperation!

Date of Show: Friday, March 1st 2019
Location: Multi-Purpose Room

TryOuts: Tuesday, January 29th and Thursday, January 31st
Dress Rehearsals: TBD

(1) You may participate in ONE act only – either a Solo act OR a Group acts are highly encouraged! The only exception is if you are also part of a class act. Some ideas for acts include: singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, martial arts, gymnastics, magic, or a comedy skit.

(2) Lip-syncing or singing along to recorded music with a singer will NOT be permitted in the show. Recorded backup music for singing performances must be instrumental only.

(3) EACH performer in a GROUP act must submit his/her own application with parental permission.

(4) The maximum TIME LIMIT for SOLO ACTS is 1 minute, for GROUP ACTS is 2 minutes. Acts that do not keep to their TIME LIMIT will not be considered for the show.

(5) We will be timing your act at try-outs. Please be aware that we may request that an act be shortened or extended depending on the number of acts in the show.

(6) If you are using pre-recorded music, it must be submitted in the school office by TUESDAY, January 22nd.
Music must be submitted on a CD in MP3 format with only your one song on it.
Label CD with (1) student name/group name (2) song name (3) exact length of time of music to be used for your act.
Example: (1) Allie Gator (2) “Roar” (3) Time = 1 minute 23 sec

(7) Parents are responsible for previewing and editing all music and performance content, including song lyrics and costumes, to ensure that they are appropriate for elementary school children. Kidz Bop is a good resource for music with appropriate song lyrics.

(8) PLEASE COME PREPARED AND READY TO GIVE YOUR BEST AS WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO INCLUDE ALL ACTS IN THE SHOW. We are looking for a variety of acts that are: well-prepared, creative/original, entertaining, appropriate, and within time limits.


(1) If your act is selected to participate in the Talent Show, you must attend dress rehearsals during the 2nd week of February. Date will be decided in the next couple of weeks and shared with those selected.

(2) You must have your costume on and ready for the dress rehearsal, in order to perform in the final show.

If you have any questions, please contact Ramya at or Anu at

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