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Assets are things like images, bio, business description, copy, etc. If you do not have these, it's a great time to get started as this step will affect your target launch date. Please begin by making a folder with titles and subfolders to organize your work. I will send you a link to Dropbox where you can easily upload images and language.
Please link 3-5 websites that you enjoy and describe which elements you like. I will do my best to incorporate a similar look and feel into your site.
Please list what you would like your 5 pages to be titled. For example: 1. Home Page 2. Services 3. About Me 4. Blog 5. Contact. These can be as unique and creative as you like, your about me may be "all about Holly" or "History of X Business"
Please describe your ideal website visitor, including their sex, age, occupation, reason for visiting, income range etc.
Client Agreement / Design Process
Once all copy/content is submitted your project will begin. If you have changes to your copy after submitting a $50 fee may be charged. Before the design begins I will show you a template and get your approval to move forward or you may request changes to the template. Once the design is complete we will meet for edits and you will have up to two rounds of edits/changes before the project is complete. These are things like moving images and text, fonts, etc. If there are major changes requested I will give you a quote at that time.

Dropbox and Google Forms will be used to share content, copy, images, and login information. Please refrain from sending content, copy, images through email.

Once the project is complete we will meet and discuss how to use the website, make your own edits and updates. If you would like updates, changes to content or design after this point you will be invoiced at $45 / hr with an estimate of the number of hours expected at that point.

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