TUPE Presentations Request
Purpose: Request for TUPE Presentations via the SCCOE.

To ensure we understand your district/school needs, please complete this form when requesting the SCCOE TUPE Services. If you would like assistance completing this form, please contact Sonia Gutierrez at Sonia_Gutierrez@sccoe.org.

Answer the items below, to the best of your ability. * A new form must be completed for each presentation requested.*

The contact person noted will be notified via email indicating the status of the request within approximately one (1) week. If additional information is needed/questions arise, a TUPE representative will reach out accordingly.

It is imperative to submit requests in a timely manner. Priority will be given to requests made 6 WEEKS PRIOR to the presentation. Please be advised all requests will be fulfilled based upon the SCCOE TUPE Personnel availability.

Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to provide this necessary information.
~ The TUPE Staff
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