Nutrition Assessment
Goals and Readiness, Medical, Diet, Lifestyle and General Health Questionnaire
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The biggest challenge I have with reaching my health goal(s) is/are...
Please list the past techniques, diets, behaviors, etc. you have tried to reach your nutrition goals.
Medical History: Please indicate if you have been diagnosed (in present time) with any of the following diseases or symptoms *
Please list any medications you are currently taking *
Please list the dosage and frequency of each medication you are currently taking *
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Please specify any surgeries you have had during your lifetime
How many times in one day do you pass a bowel movement? *
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What is the date of your last menstrual cycle?
Do you have a menstrual cycle each month?
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Do you take birth control?
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Please list any symptoms or concerns regarding your menstrual cycle.
Do you follow any diet restrictions/limitations for any reason? (example: gluten due to celiac or gluten due to stomach discomfort, brain fog, etc.)
List any and all food allergies *
List any and all food sensitivities or intolerances (any food that causes stomach/head discomfort) *
Who prepares majority of your meals?
How often do you grocery shop? *
How often do you eat outside of your home per day? *
How often do you eat out each week? *
Which meals do you eat regularly? (Choose all that apply) *
Do you snack throughout the day? *
What time of the day do you eat your first meal? *
What time of the day do you eat your last meal? *
What nutrition/eating habits are most challenging for you?
What habits have you created with nutrition/food that you are proud of? *
Please list any food cravings you feel at any time of day or after meals.
Please list any foods you would prefer to not eat.
Please check each physical activity you participate in *
Average time spent working out? *
How many days a week are you physically active? *
Does anything limit you from being physically active? *
Do you have any reason(s) why you should not participate in physical activity? If yes, please explain.
What helps you relax/unwind?
Average hours of sleep per night
During the week, what time do you wake up and go to sleep?
On the weekend, what time do you wake up and go to sleep?
Do you smoke? *
Alcohol use? *
Drug use (cannabis)? *
What is your height? *
What is your current weight? *
Have you had recent changes in your weight you are concerned about? If yes, please explain.
Date of most recent blood test?
Can you obtain a copy of your results?
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How would you rate your health? (check one) *
One a scale of 1 (not ready) to 10 (very ready), how ready are you to make a lifestyle change? *
If you are not ready to make a lifestyle change, what are the barriers preventing you from becoming ready?
On a scale of 1 (not confident at all) to 10 (very confident), how confident are you to make lifestyle changes? *
If you chose 1-5, what would you need in order to become more confident?
How did you hear about Wright Way Nutrition?
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