"What She Looks Like" Mother Artist Blog Interview
Share your story! We want to celebrate mother performing artists! We are all-discipline and all-parent inclusive. Our subgroup The Mother League is taking initiative to ensure that Mother Artist Stories are told.

We'd love the chance to hear and share yours! To submit your story for publication on the PAAL Blog (Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts), fill out the form below and attach a few photos! We can't wait to let other artists know you are seen, heard, and supported here.

All performing artists are welcome to submit. This includes all elements of theatre, opera, orchestra, dance performance, and more.

Read past interviews here: https://auditioningmom.com/what-she-looks-like/
We are moving the series from the auditioningmom blog to our expanding The Mother League initiative and going national.

Don't worry if your story doesn't feel unique or maybe even "happy" all the time - we are looking for real, and we are looking for you. It is unique because it is yours. It is valid because it is real. It is welcome when you have your celebrations, questions, struggles, angers, and falls - laughs, cries, burps - everything!

Arms wide open here! At PAAL and The Mother League, we celebrate mother artists: A Mother's Place is in the Theatre. And we aim to make sure more people know!

Thank you for sharing your story!
By submitting your story and photos, you agree to allow this piece to be published with grammar edits on the PAAL Blog (PAALtheatre.com and external blog links associated).

Sharing and celebrating our stories is part of our mission, and our new group THE MOTHER LEAGUE is taking up the mantle to ensure our stories are heard. #breakingthesilence #motherhoodintheatre #whatshelookslike
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