Council 11155 Fraternal Activity Survey:
Please use this survey to enter service hours. You can submit them at anytime during the year however monthly is recommended. You can do multiple entries in a month. Time spent on service outside of KC activities may also be counted. Any questions can be directed to Ryan at
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Last Name
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Please choose the month you are entering hours for.
Section I - Volunteer Hours
Please enter the number of hours (2, 3, 4.5 etc). Please do not enter text.
Church Activities – volunteer service in all Church related activities
ex.(pancake breakfast, grounds clean up, ushering at Mass)
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Community Activities – volunteer service in all community related activities.
ex. (helping with brat stands, food pantry, meal programs, senior center)
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Youth Activities – volunteer service in all youth related activities.
ex. (punt/pass/kick, Christmas poster contest)
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Habitat for Humanity – volunteer services to these projects
ex. (time spent working with Habitat for Humanity)
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Culture of Life Activities – volunteer service in all activities that support pro-life
ex. (40 days for life, life savers for life)
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VAVS - Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service
ex. (time spent serving our Veterans)
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Food For Families
ex (time spent specifically with the Food For Families program)
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Special Olympics
ex. (tootsie roll drive, other activities that support those with disabilities)
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Sick/disabled members and their families
ex (household chores, transportation, tutoring, counselling, etc.)
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Misc Volunteer
ex (time spent serving others that doesn't fit into above categories)
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Section II - Misc
Blood Donor
ex (did you donate blood this month)
Number of Visits to the Sick
ex (how many visits to the sick/nursing homes/hospitals
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Number of Visits to the Bereaved
ex (visits of condolences)
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Please use this space for any notes you would like to include.
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