Bronze DofEHA or Fundamental Bushcraft Training 2020 Manawatu and Hawkes Bay OTNZ
To register for the Bronze DofEHA or Fundamental Bushcraft Training run by Manawatu Outdoor Training NZ. Includes Hawkes Bay options.
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Course options - Bronze DoEHA or Fundamental Bushcraft course
Open Courses ($60 per person)
Mar 2020: Tamaki West near Dannevirke 13 -15 Mar PLUS prep day 2 Mar 2020.
Aug 2020: Tamaki West near Dannevirke 31Jul - 2 Aug PLUS prep day 26 Jul 2020.
Sep 2020: Mill Block near Levin 18-20 Sep PLUS prep day 6 Sep 2020.
For each of these the training weekend is 7.30 pm Friday night to 3 pm Sunday.
The prep day is 9am to 3pm in venue TBA Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay.

NBHS Course ($45 per person) - open to Hawkes Bay Schools
Mar 2020: Crownthorpe, Hastings 28 -29 Mar - 9am Sat- 3pm Sun.

If no dates suit we can take your details and let you know if a suitable option arises.

The course is aimed at beginner trampers or those with little experience. It will suit those who wish to undertake easy overnight bush trips using tents or huts close to road ends. A preparatory session will be held before the planned weekend overnight trip is included. This trip will include a fixed camp or hut stay and a tramp with a full pack.
Participants must be fit to travel for approximately four hours across hill country, on a track, with a full pack.

This meets the requirements of the bronze Duke of Edinburgh journey training but is not exclusively for this. Adult bushcraft training is catered for.

On completion, the participant will have an experience of:
* How to plan and execute an easy bush trip involving camping out
* How to select and use suitable clothing and equipment
* How to operate camp stoves and manage fuels safely
* Operating in an environmentally responsible manner
* Understanding basic first aid and survival
* Carrying out map work and route finding on a track including applying basic map to ground skills and route finding
* Using bush walking skills including moving effectively with a group along a track
* Basic river safety
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Payment $60 (or $45 for NBHS option) - please pay 2 weeks before the training weekend to 38-9016-0773412-01
Use your last name, bronze and month as a reference.
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