2017 Oak Street Po-Boy Fest Vendor Application & Information
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Thank you for your interest in being a food vendor at the 11th Annual Oak Street Po-Boy Fest this year!
Please note that food vendor spaces for Po-Boy fest are limited and will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Final date for applications to be submitted will be FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2017.
Oak Street Po-Boy Festival 2017
Please read over entire application, even if you have participated in the past. New guidelines/restrictions are outlined.

Festival Date: Sunday, October, 22, 2017
Festival Hours: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Vendor Fee: $1,550.00.
Security Deposits: Vendors will be required to submit a $500.00 Clean-Up/Grease Security Deposit. We will keep this deposit if grease and trash are not disposed of properly or if your space is not thoroughly cleaned of all grease residue. There will also be a $500.00 Wristband Compliance Security Deposit. We will keep this deposit if a food vendor does not participate in selling wristbands to Po-Boy Fest attendees before selling them a po-boy.
(*See below for more information regarding wristbands at Po-Boy Fest this year)

Food Vendors will be selected based on menu item quality and creativity; a tasting will be required for new vendors.

We strive to find menus that provide variety for the festival. We strongly suggest that you submit a po-boy uniquely created for Po-Boy Fest so that our patrons (and your regulars) have something exciting & exclusive to look forward to. Annual/Signature Po-Boy Fest po-boys are also encouraged.

The $1,550.00 booth fee includes:
(1) 10 X 10 high-peak tent
(1) Sign with name of business and Po-Boy fest logo
(1) Menu board
(2) 8’ Tables

General promotion of restaurant via website, e-blasts, and media advertising.
Opportunity to vend at a 55,000+ attendee food festival.


This year Po-Boy Fest wristbands will be required for the purchase of po-boys. Before selling any product, you must verify that the purchaser is wearing a Po-Boy Fest wristband, and you must sell Po-Boy Fest wristbands to customers who are not wearing them before selling any product. The retail price of a wristband is $5. Wristbands will be sold in advance only to Po-Boy Fest Food Vendors and Oak Street businesses for $3 each, and prior to October 15, 2017, you may sell wristbands at a discount. On the day of the event wristbands must be sold for $5. To avoid delays in your lines, please plan ahead and be prepared with a sufficient quantity of wristbands. The Po-Boy Fest is depending on the revenue from the sale of wristbands to stay admission-free, and non-compliant vendors will forfeit their security deposit and may be barred from vending at future Po-Boy Fests.

The New Orleans Saints will play a noon AWAY game on this date. We will have a football zone set-up at Oak & Eagle for football fans to watch while they attend the festival.

By completing and submitting this application, you agree to cooperate and comply with the following:
Food vendors are limited to selling 3 po-boys and 2 sides.
Food vendors are NOT allowed to share/split booths with other restaurants.
Food vendors are NOT allowed to sell beverages of any kind.
Food vendors are NOT allowed to sell any menu item not previously approved by the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival.

Vendors are required to provide:
1.) Three checks made payable to OSMPRO - checks should not be written until you are confirmed as a festival vendor.
(Oak Street Merchants, Residents, and Property Owners)
Submit via mail/delivery to: 8600 Oak Street, NOLA 70118.
$1,550.00 Vendor Fee
$500.00 Clean-Up/Grease Deposit (Post-dated 10/22/17)
$500.00 Wristband Compliance Deposit (Post-dated 10/22/17)
Vendors are expected to clean entire booth area. Do NOT dispose of food or grease DOWN STREET DRAINS. Failure to properly clean your area will result in the forfeiture of your $500.00 deposit. Cleaning crews will collect trash at the end of the day. However, please leave booth in a manner that is convenient to deal with (i.e. no open trash bags or grease buckets.). If you use grease please note that we will keep the deposit if your grease is not disposed of properly and your space is not thoroughly cleaned of all grease residue, including grease stains on pavement and/or sidewalk.

**We are able to accept credit card payments for vendor fees now. Please indicate in the notes if that's your preferred method of payment. Deposits should still be written checks mailed to: 8600 Oak St. NOLA 70118

2.) “Certificate of Insurance” indicating the following coverage levels: General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate naming ‘OAK STREET MERCHANTS, RESIDENTS, AND PROPERTY OWNERS’ as additional insured. Address: Oak Street Po-boy Festival 8600 Oak St. New Orleans, LA 70118

3.) Special Events Occupational License for city/parish of New Orleans.
If you have participated in any other food festivals this year, chances are you already have this permit. You will not need an additional one for this event. If you do not have one, I will send instructions on how to obtain one.

4.) Menu & Prices. Vendors can sell NO MORE THAN 3 po-boys and 2 sides.

5.) Proper storage and serving equipment to keep hot foods at the safe temperature of 135-degrees or higher and cold foods at the safe temperature of 40-degrees or lower. Submit a list of equipment. List must include power source type and quantity (generator, propane, etc.), cooking equipment list, and any hot/cold holding.
Bring a thermometer for food temperature checks. We expect you to take all measures commonly expected in the food industry and by the State of Louisiana Board of Health to prepare and keep food safe for consumption. By submitting this application, you agree to hold the Oak Street Po-boy Festival harmless in any action resulting from the injury or illness of a festival customer suffered as a result of consumption or contact with food produced and dispensed from your booth.

6.)Per the Fire Department you must provide Fire Extinguishers: One 2A 10B:C fire extinguisher and if you are cooking at your booth you must also provide One 40B:C fire extinguisher. ALL fire extinguishers in booth must be working & fully inspected and tagged by a Louisiana licensed company. Additionally, per the Fire Department, Vendors must maintain booth positioning as marked to accommodate a 15ft. fire lane as required by the fire department. An on-site fire inspection by the city of New Orleans will be performed on the morning of the festival. Refusal to adhere to these fire codes may result in the shutting down of your food booth.

7.) Food booths will be primarily located at the intersections of Oak Street. The lines for booths must be directed down the SIDE street, away from Oak Street to accommodate a positive traffic flow. Vendors not located on street corners will be individually instructed on line formation.

8.) All food booths should prepare for the possibility of selling 1,000 portions. Please bring proper change. Prior thought to staffing and on-site preparation is essential to maintaining moving food lines and happy festival goers. We suggest the following:
a. $2,500.00 in change (esp. ones and fives)
b. Adequate staffing to expedite orders
c. Additional staff to take customer orders before they reach the front of the line
d. Simplified system for order recognition (i.e. color coding system)

9.) Notice of any cancellation of participation no later than September 18, 2017 for a full refund or by October 2, 2017 for a 50% refund.

10.) Sales report and feedback form to Oak Street Po-Boy Festival post-festival.

Quick-Reference Vendor Checklist
꠸ Certificate of Insurance indicating the following coverage levels: General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate naming ‘OAK STREET MERCHANTS, RESIDENTS, AND PROPERTY OWNERS’ as additional insured.
꠸ Special Events Occupational License for City/Parish of New Orleans.
꠸ Final Menu & Prices. Vendors are limited to selling 3 po-boys and 2 sides.
꠸ List of equipment. List must include power source type and quantity (generator, propane, etc.), cooking equipment list, and any hot/cold holding.
Information may be submitted via email to oakstreetpoboyfest@gmail.com . We will need all of the items below no later than September 8, 2017. There are many restaurants requesting to participate, so please submit your application and fee ASAP to confirm your spot.
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IMPORTANT: This will be the way your name is printed on your FESTIVAL BANNER.
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Have you participated in Po-Boy Fest in the past? *
For returning food vendors, we will try our best to keep you in the same spot you have held previous years. But there is not a location guarantee. This festival can't happen without the support of our neighborhood, so it it our priority to keep the peace with our neighbors. Please be respectful of any business or residence located near your booth. If a problem arises, please make contact with your Food Vendor liaison or a member of the production team.
If you are a returning vendor, would you like to keep your spot? *
Please note that the layout will have some changes this year. We will try our best to accommodate your spot from previous years, but there is not a same location guarantee.
Do you have a 2017 Special Events Occupational License for the City of New Orleans? *
This permit is good for 1 calendar year and costs $50. It can be obtained by visiting the Revenue Department at City Hall.
Proposed Menu - Please be as specific as possible.
A lot of feedback suggests that festival goers think the po-boys are too large and don't allow them to sample multiple po-boys. We're encouraging food vendors to offer a "sample size" version of at least one po-boy for attendees who would like to try various po-boys during the fest.
Include ingredients, size, and price. *
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"Best of" Po-Boy Fest Food Awards *
Are you interested in submitting po-boys for the competition?
New Vendors: Before being accepted as a food vendor, a representative of Po-Boy Fest will taste your proposed menu.
Please list date range and times when someone can stop by.
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We do not provide power. All cooking equipment is subject to inspection by the Fire Marshall and must be up to code and following all fire rules and regulations.
We can help secure a generator rental from one of our partners. They have a limited number of generators, so contact us ASAP if you would like assistance.
Checklist of what we need from you for a complete application:
Information to be submitted via email to oakstreetpoboyfest@gmail.com. FINAL DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 8, 2017
Checklist of what we need from you for a complete application:
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By completing and submitting this application, you acknowledge having read it in its entirety, and agree to comply with its contents. *
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