YAG Summer 2021
Dates: July 26-August 13
Hours: 9AM -3PM
Before and aftercare: 8AM to 4PM (if additional time is needed, please email bestyagever@gmail.com with details)
Cost for Camp: $690
Performance opportunity participation: (if we are able to do a live performance) will require additional ticket sales.
Contact us at 518-478-5326 • Bestyagever@gmail.com

Please send your deposit of $200 to bestyagever@gmail.com on PayPal. Deposits are non-refundable (unless we are unable to proceed with programming in which case deposits will be refunded). We will notify everyone by May 16, in the case that we do not get enough registrants.
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Insurance Provider
Because decisions are made regarding rentals and royalties based on enrollment, I understand that unless arrangements have been made due to prior concerns, tuitions are not refundable once a program begins. *
It is important to the entire cast and staff that the student participates in all weeks of the program. If you become aware of any necessary absences, please inform us by calling 518-478-5326 and leave a voice mail. **If a student misses 3 rehearsals they will not be able to participate in the production.** If you are aware of any days that your child will not be able to attend the program, please list them below: *
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