Your COVID-19 Experience in Geneva, NY

From 2020-2021, Historic Geneva staff solicited submissions from Geneva community members in order to document the local COVID-19 pandemic experiences. This resulted in an exhibit that was open from July – September 2021. While the exhibit has closed, we continue to document the historic pandemic and encourage Genevans to share their stories with us.

If you have any questions or would just like to send in your own narrative, please email our Archivist at

By filling out this survey, the information may be available for public research by Historic Geneva.
"I unconditionally give, donate, and set over to Historic Geneva, the information on this survey to be used and/or disposed of by Historic Geneva at its unrestricted discretion; and for myself, my distributes and my personal representatives, I waive all present and future rights in, to, over said property, its use or disposition. I agree to the terms above."
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When did you first learn about the COVID19 outbreak? What were your thoughts at the time?
What are your current thoughts about the COVID19 pandemic?
Have you experienced anything like this in your lifetime? If so, please explain
How is your typical day different now during the pandemic?
What sort of methods do you use to keep in touch with family and friends?
What has changed most in your life?
What changes have you noticed around the community?
What has surprised you the most?
What cancellations affected you the most?
How have holidays or celebrations changed?
What is the best part about your life during the pandemic? The worst?
What should people in 50-100 years know about the pandemic?
How many people, that you know personally, have had the virus?
Do you have any images, audio, files, or video documenting your experiences? *
A staff member will be in contact with you via email to gather your submissions.
Additional thoughts? Any questions or concerns about how we may use your contributions in the future? Are you interested in donating other types of material related to your story?  If so, please describe in the space below. A Historical Society staff member will be in contact as soon as possible.
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