HWB Financial Need Membership Scholarship Application
All financial need membership applications will receive Clover Level Access. Clover Level Membership allows for limited access to some of our member content. Clover Access does not qualify you to form a Chapter/Clinic/Project or work as a Coordinator. 

We also have a *few* full membership scholarships to award per year to those with extraordinary need. HWB prioritizes full scholarships to those who are actively engaged in community service and working (or hoping to work) under the HWB umbrella in their communities. We also prioritize those living in refugee camps, displaced by war/famine/disaster, and those working in nations experiencing significant financial impacts from war, famine, humanitarian crises, and conflicts. HWB is able to provide full scholarships to a small number of global FN members per year due to the generous donations of members paying it forward. 
HWB recognizes we have many members are joining from nations experiencing war, drought, famine, and, many members who are living in refugee camps or shelters, without a home. We also recognize many people come from nations where they may make even make less than $100/month for their entire family due to the local economy, currencies, and exchange rates, and paying in USD would be a significant burden. Some live in nations that have collapsed economies or nations that block international monetary transactions. The scholarships recognize the impact of colonization in so-called "under developed" nations and the impact of that on monetary systems and cost of living.

HWB has the requirement that all Coordinators be full dues paying members due to the out of pocket costs HWB incurs for each Chapter, Clinic, and Project, in addition to the cost of resources, benefits, and opportunities we have for Coordinators. We want to be sure to have a few scholarships per year dedicated to Coordinators impacted by war, disaster, and financial restrictions in nations where income is not in touch with USD. Please be sure to note below if you are also hoping to apply for a Chapter, Clinic, or Project as Coordinator. 

Please take a moment to fill out the membership scholarship application and click submit. We review all scholarship applications quarterly with a committee, and will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please be sure to answer fully even if you have spoken to the office, as the reviewers might not know of you or your work. If you are not awarded a full scholarship (due to availability or selection based on applications), we will provide you with a Clover/Financial Need level access with Clover level benefits.


Thank you so much for your interest in joining HWB.
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