The Maker’s Hand Application Part 1
The 17th edition of The Maker's Hand will take place November 6-8, 2020 at Highline Hall, Lehigh Arena in Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario.
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Booth Size & Price: Please note, there is a 10% discount for PEC Arts Council members in good standing for 2020. Please adjust your payment accordingly. To learn more, visit *
We will endeavour to accommodate your first choice as indicated above, but please indicate your 2nd choice of booth size. Please note that Highline Hall does have pillars & wall lighting that may slightly intrude into your space, they cannot be changed, so flexibility in your booth design will be helpful. Your booth must fit INSIDE your booth dimensions. *
IMPORTANT! Your booth must have drapery or booth walls (drapery, walls, or shelves can be up to 8' tall ). Please acknowledge that your booth meets this criteria. *
Electrical: Highline Hall has good overhead lighting so that you may not need to add extra lights. Please indicate whether you require an electrical outlet. *
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