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This application form is to join our writer pool. We need writers for multiple projects. Writers chosen from this pool will be cross trained for multiple projects.
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Most writing projects pay 1 cent per word. Are you satisfied with this amount? *
All US based writers are paid monthly with direct deposit only. All work completed during the month will be paid out on or around the 15th of the following month, depending on when client payment is received. Are you satisfied with this? *
All US based writers must provide either a social security number or EIN so that they can receive a 1099 at the end of the year. (If you are not a US based contractor, simply click "I agree." *
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We often have work on holidays and weekends. We do provide a way to request time off, but need you to be available more than unavailable. Do you have open availability? *
Please provide a short writing sample of your choice. You can either send a link, or type out a sample here. We just want to see your skills and abilities. *
Any contractors hired are independent contractors. You are responsible for your own tax forms, and keeping track of your earnings. We do not provide employment verifications because you are not an employee. You are a service provider. Do you understand and agree? *
If you are caught plagiarizing, you will be immediately terminated. No further monetary compensation will be owed as all work will be rejected and assigned to a new writer. This includes not only plagiarizing other sources, but using your own content repeatedly. All content provided must be unique. Do you understand and agree? *
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