Escape from the North Pole          
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This escape room is fun for all ages.
This is a fan project. All the characters, stories, videos, and graphics used in the digital escape room belong to their respective copyright owners and the Stratford Public Library does not claim any right over them.
If you are playing alone
You get to have all these powers listed below, but it will be more fun to play with friends of family -- either in person or online with a video chat app!

If you are playing as a group
You need to have this escape room pulled up on one device. Each individual player must solve the challenges on the singular device. If playing long distance with others or as a large in-person group, have one person be in charge of putting in the solutions for everyone.

For an extra challenge
You and your family or friends can pull up this room on individual devices and race each other to complete the tasks and finish the escape room first!

During this period of social distancing, it is recommended that you complete this challenge in your home with those in your social bubble or remotely with your friends. Good luck and have fun!
Jack Frost is tired of being overlooked during the winter season! To make this year all about him and his snow powers, he has locked away Santa Claus and will not release him until summer.

You and your group of family and friends cannot let that happen though! You decide to make the treacherous journey to the North Pole to rescue the Big Man in Red.

You manage to make the trip and find a large building made of ice that looks like where Jack is keeping Santa as a prisoner.

It is somehow super easy to get the door open. However, the moment you and your team walk inside, you are pulled to the far side of the building and the door slams shut -- icing over for good measure!

Santa is inside where you thought to find him, waiting for rescue. You seem to be trapped with him now though!

Santa says that he knows Jack Frost would create a secret way to escape the ice building though. Jack wouldn't have put Santa in this prison without a way to get himself out -- just in case.

You have to work together to solve the puzzles of the secret escape route as quickly as possible so that Santa can still deliver presents in time!
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