2020 Community Resource Application
Looking to sell at the Ashmont Farmers Market? Your application is here: https://tinyurl.com/Vendor2020

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Ashmont Farmers Market as a Community Resource! Each week we have a couple of spots at the market to feature local community organizations which provide important services to our community; We’d love to have you come and share what your organization has to offer.
Is My Organization Eligible?
The Community Resource spots available are for local non-profit (501c3) organizations such as community health centers and hospitals; local social or advocacy organizations, City of Boston departments, local museums, other groups with a community-focused mission, and sponsors of the market will be considered to host community information tables.

Community Resource vendors will not be scheduled more than three times per season. Dates may be requested on the application and will be approved by the market manager.

We do not host national corporations; resellers of purchased products; selling clubs such as Avon, Tupperware, HerbaLife, Amway, etc.; or professional services businesses such as solar installers, salons and gyms.

For questions about vendor qualifications and types, please contact the Market Manager.
Rules & Policies
This table will be for information and engagement purposes only! Organizations may hand out information or have an activity, but are not permitted to sell items or services at their booth. Handouts, information sheets, signup sheets etc. are allowed and encouraged. If an organization desires to sell items they must apply to be a regular vendor at the Farmers Market. Organizations are allowed to collect donations for their cause (ex coats for a winter coat drive or prom dresses for a clothing swap).

Market Day:
Organizations should arrive 30 minutes before opening, and be ready for the opening of the market at 3:00 PM. You should plan to stay through the entire market till 7:00 PM. You may may unload/load wares in the food truck or cab stand spaces along Dorchester Avenue adjacent to Peabody Square and park in the Parish of All Saints lot at 209 Ashmont St.

You should plan to bring a pop-up 10x10 canopy, 10lbs of weight to secure each leg, a table, and anything else you'll need to decorate your booth or run activities. The location of your booth will be made at the discretion of the market manager.

AFM will accept organizations based on relevance to market, location (priority to Dorchester organizations), diversity of organizations, timing, AFM mission and priorities, and community appeal. Applications are rolling throughout the season.
Full market rules and policies available at tinyurl.com/AFMRules19
Best Practices
We find that tables featuring something interactive are much more effective and strongly encourage providing some kind of service (e.g. blood pressure testing, face painting), an interactive demonstrations, or giveaways. Decorating and friendliness help too!
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