Save Sedation Dentistry: Order Your Copies of 'The Miracle of Sedation Dentistry'
The future is sedation dentistry is imperiled. A small group of oral surgeons and other specialists within the American Dental Association is working overtime to make it difficult - if not impossible - for most general dentists to provide safe, effective, moderate enteral sedation to their patients.

ADA Resolution 77 was narrowly defeated at this year's ADA convention in Washington D.C. But the proposal will be back again later this year and stands a good chance of passing, unless we continue the fight.

TEAM 1500 - the Trust for Equal Access Medicine - led the successful battle against the ADA in 2007 and again in 2015. But TEAM 1500 depends upon the support of dentists for 100% of its funding.

By purchasing copies of 'The Miracle of Sedation Dentistry' to share with your patients and prospects, you not only promote your practice, you also support the vital campaign to Save Sedation Dentistry.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the 'The Miracle of Sedation Dentistry' will be used to fuel TEAM 1500's effort to keep sedation dentistry affordable and available to the largest possible patient population.

Whether you pre-order one book, ten books, or a thousand books, your participation is vital.

'The Miracle of Sedation Dentistry' will be published as an e-book and soft-cover later this year. But we need your financial support right now. So please, place your pre-order on the form below.

Thank you.

An Exciting Way to Promote Your Practice and Support the Campaign to Save Sedation Dentistry
The Miracle of Sedation Dentistry
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