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On the evening of Feb. 22, we’re going to send off our founding ED in style. Join us for Vu’s Vegan Roast, a fundraising dinner full of laughter, friends, and — of course — the roasting of Vu by some of his closest friends and colleagues
We need your help in making this event possible. Here are some roles that you can help us with:

Volunteer Coordinator — You will be briefed on the different volunteer roles and given a walk-through of the event prior to the event. On the day of the event, if a volunteer comes with a question, you will answer as best as you can or defer to RVC's events point person, Noelle.

Greeter - Greet and help guide guests to the registration table and from cocktail hour to main hall.

Registration Table — Help set up the registration table and check-in our guests before entering the venue.

Chairs and Tables Setup/Breakdown — Help us set up and break down the chairs and tables at the venue the day of the event.

Decorations — Help decorate the room with flower centerpieces and set up Vu’s hot seat. At the end of the event, help collect the centerpiece vases.

Donation Support — You and an RVC staff will Collect the Open Mic donations for roasting Vu. Ensure all information is correctly filled out

Dessert Dash Setup — Help set up the yummy desserts at the venue for guests to bid on.

AV Support-- Need someone to coordinate with Aquarium staff and set up digital back drop. Also connect with DJ Guy to assist him in whatever support he needs.

Float — The Volunteer Coordinator will put you where we need your support.

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We have the event space from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and we'll need help before, during, and after the event.
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