2018 - Brewery Festival Booth Registration
Brewery Booth Registration
Complete all the information below to register your brewery at BLBFIT on Oct. 20, 2018. This is not the entry for the Pro Brewers Competition. If you would like to submit entries to the competition please reach out to competition@blbfit.com. To enter the BLBFIT Art Competition/Exhibition contact art@blbfit.com.

1:30-3:00 pm VIP and 3:00-7:00 pm General Admission
October 20, 2018• 151 W. Church St. Lewisville

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Legal and other Instructions:
Your cost is $350 per booth and we buy your beer limited to $450. Best Little Brewfest in Texas is providing your 10x10 booth spot, a 8 ft. table and ice. Bring your swag to give away or sell. If you bring 2 non-staff servers we will deduct $50 from your booth fee. They must sign up at www.ivolunteer.com/blbfit_2018 and use your brewery name as their middle name, example: First name: Jane Spoetzl, Last name: Smith if serving Shiner. They need to work 2 shifts. They will get free entry and tasting card. Must be TABC server certified.

Please mark your brewery event calendar and respond as soon as possible. Additional information will be sent closer to October 20th providing you with our non-profit tax ID and TABC permit number. At that time we will ask for your beer offerings to place in our printed program and mobile app. Expected attendance is 3000.

Respond as soon as possible and we will place your logo on our web site with a link to your Facebook or web page (Pro Brewers Competition winners from last year will have their logos accented with medals indicating their accomplishments). If you have not participated before or changed your brewery logo, please email your logo to breweries@blbfit.com.

We invite you to join us. This is how:
1- Commit to this event by bringing knowledgeable staff and 3-4 styles of beer, a one-offs, barrel aged beer would be great

2- Bring your SWAG to sell or give away

3- Help us by posting this event on your web site and calendar of events

4- Include this event in your regular email distribution

5- Send us your logo immediately so we can promote you on our website, Social Media, and Print

Thanks and Cheers,

Daynor Stinson - BLBFIT Event Director

*Note by completing this form you are acknowledging your attendance at the Best Little Brewfest in Texas.

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