Stanford USUDC 2018 Adjudicator Registration
STOP!!! The tab import was done on March 31, so if you're making changes now, they probably won't be seen. You should still update this form, BUT you now ALSO need to contact BOTH the convenors AND the tab directors to make sure they see your changes.

This is the adjudicator registration form. Every adjudicator attending this tournament must complete this form, including independent adjudicators, institutional adjudicators and members of the adjudication core. If you need to change something on this form after you submit, email us at AND use the editing link that was emailed to you when you completed this form. Do NOT make a new submission!

The email address entered on this form must be the adjudicator's own email address. Do NOT use a society address or the institutional representative's address (unless this adjudicator also happens to be the institutional representative).

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Institution *
Please write the ONE institution with which you are currently affiliated, or if you're not currently affiliated with any, then the institution that you were LAST affiliated with. (You can declare other affiliations below.) If you are an institutional judge, this must be the institution whose N−1 requirement you help fulfil. IAs and CAs should list their current or most recent affiliation. For example, if you're an IA with a real job but most recently from Stanford, write "Stanford", not "Independent".
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First Name *
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Previous (American) Institutional Affiliations
List one PER LINE. Separate with LINE BREAKS, NOT COMMAS. Please list institutions with which you have been affiliated in the past, EXCLUDING YOUR CURRENT institutional affiliation you entered above. Include only American institutions with a debate team; foreign institutions don't count (i.e., we only care if it's an institution that might attend USUDC). Institutional affiliations include any institution you have studied at, debated for, coached, or worked at. You'll be conflicted from judging teams from these institutions. Do NOT list personal conflicts (e.g. past relationships) here—we'll collect those a week before the tournament, after we publish a list of participants. If you don't have any institutional affiliations other than the one you listed above, leave this field blank, please DO NOT WRITE "N/A" or "None" or anything like that.
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Judging History
If you would like, please list a few notable judging accomplishments (one per line). This will help us with judging allocation during the tournament. You can skip this question if you want to.
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Gender *
This information will aid us in our efforts to gender-balance panels.
Dietary Restrictions
Please check all that apply. If you have no such requirements, do not answer this question.
Accessibility Requirements
For example, if owing to disability or injury you need to request venues with step-free access or as close as possible to GA, please describe your needs here. Please be as specific as possible. If you have no such requirements, leave this field blank (don't write "N/A").
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If you won't be available to judge every round, when are you unavailable?
If you will be available to judge every round of the tournament (including outrounds), please leave this field blank (don't write "All good!" or "N/A" or anything like that). If you won't be available for one or more rounds, please describe your availability. Be sure to say explicitly whether you are or are not available then, for example, write "Unavailable Saturday afternoon" or "Only available Sunday afternoon", don't just write the ambiguous "Saturday afternoon".
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