Emmanuel AG Church Camp Registration (11-14 Jun 2018)
For Families:
If you are signing up and rooming together as a family, please note that this form only allows registration for up to 4 family members, including yourself, in a room. If your family requires more than ONE room (max of either 3 adults or 4 people are allowed per room), please fill in another form with the appropriate names of your other family members sharing the other room(s).
You would need full passport details to complete this form.

For Individuals:
Each and every camper signing up as individual would need to complete this form.
Your passport details will be required to complete this form.

For Chinese Congregation, please use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/eagmandarincamp. Members of English Service, GOP, Campus, Filipino, Indonesian and Malayalam service may proceed to use this form.

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