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Thank you for your interest in gardening with us. The questions that follow will us stay in communication and understand the needs of our members for garden education, accommodations and other support. Thank you!
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OPTIONAL: This information will only be used confidentially to assess demographic representation for grant writing and to improve representation within CGT. Please indicate if you identify as one or more of the following groups:
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Plot Fee Assistance
The standard plot fee is $18 per month. Online payment two times/year (October/April, $108 ) is preferred. Payment by check, money order or cash by mail is also accepted. Monthly, quarterly or annual payments are also accepted with prior arrangement.

Plot fee assistance may be available for eligible applicants. Reduced plot fees are $12 or $6 per month.

Work exchange opportunities may also be available for eligible applicants (2 hours of labor provided in exchange for waived plot fee).

With questions contact, admin@communitygardensoftucson.org
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